She frowned and swiftly smoothed the wrinkles of her plum red skirt. She spoke first. “With my legs crossed, from here, my crotch smells like chlorine.”
“Yes. But not as strong as the stuff in the bottles.”
“Have you been to the pool?”
“No. Not for months.”
“It reminds me of the smell of an animal”
“What sort of animal?”
“I don’t know. Maybe a horse.”
“I’m not sure how a horse smells.”
“That’s because the churned grass, dirt and shit is such a distraction. It overpowers the animal’s true scent.”
“Is that true?”
“So does this chlorine, animal smell worry you?”
“No. I think i like it.”
“Yeah. I know what you mean.”
“You do?”
“I think so. It’s a good thing.”
“It is?”
“Yes. And if it isn’t then we will make it so.”