sacred & holy

the woman was younger…”
i pass stranger men
i am drunk in the streets
i have walked from my friends
my steps striking sounds
to stir, wake half the town
tired hounds loosely holler
a door clicks as shut
hands slick, fidget, jingle
clang pocket of keys
pace, quick and click
click go my womanly heels
the night’s for the drunken
one sloppily said
through mouthfuls of syrup
and fists full of spread
oh, why do you post here
these allusive words
i’d need be the cynic
to leave them unturned
as vagrant, ephemeral
not quite absurd
but certainly not as
substantially firm
oh, blubbering fool!
my moments you take
the dough in your palms
rolling bulbs that you bake
i harden and stick
to the roof of your mouth
and it’s private and warm
but i want to get out
so i flatten my body
i squeeze my limbs thin
see the soft tube lolling
down t’ward your chin
you bat at my arms, tooth-
picks pecking your hands
and pick at my legs, two straws
tapping your tanned
cheeks. oh, wallow this is!
just a poor, mellow wallow
just because i’ve no leads
and no leaders to follow
so if you’ve the need, quick
i suggest you come to me
and speak all the words
once deemed sacred & holy