Hornsby Art Prize - Finalist

Very happy to be a finalist for the Hornsby Art Prize with my painting ‘Black olives and glass on velvet cushion” The exhibition of finalists will run from 16th-27th October at Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre in Hornsby, NSW.

2. Black Olives and Glass on Velvet Cushion.jpg

Agendo Art Prize - Finalist

Very happy to be a finalist for the 2019 Agendo Art Prize - a non-acquisitive award for young emerging artists (under 35) The exhibition of finalists’ works will be at David Williams Gallery, Camberwell Grammar School running August 8-14. Opening Thursday 9th August from 6.30 - 9pm.

AGENDO Invite-2019.jpg

Exhibition at Boom Gallery

Very happy to share that I’m having a joint exhibition next month with fellow painter and dear pal Seth Searle. We’re thrilled to be showing new oil paintings at the beautiful Boom Gallery in Geelong, Victoria.

It Will Always Be Like This opens Saturday 22nd June, running from 20th June - 14th July. Please join us for the opening on Saturday 22nd from 2-4pm.

View catalogue of works for sale here.



‘From the Sea’ - Lucy Roleff (oil on linen, 30x40cm)
‘Riches I’ - Seth Searle (oil on canvas, 40x50cm)

Album Launch at Eastmint

On Sunday I had the launch show for my new album, Left Open in a Room at Eastmint in Northcote, Melbourne. We were very humbled to play a sold out show, joined by some incredibly talented musicians - guzheng and harp duo - Mindy Meng Wang & Genevieve Fry, and Pascal Babare & band. I played with my ensemble, Alex Badham on guitar, Rachael Comte on vox, as well as clarinettist Sebastian Beswick who very kindly stood in for Rosalind Hall (who played the beautiful clari parts on the record.) I don’t play live all that much so it was a really nice thing to try out some new things and play to such a supportive audience.

If you’d like to listen to the record, you can stream on Spotify or purchase vinyl, CD or digital download on my Bandcamp. Left Open in a Room is out now on Lost & Lonesome Records and Little Lake Records in Australia, and Oscarson Records in Europe.

Photos by Nicholas Kennedy

Calleen Art Award - Finalist

I’m very pleased to hear I’ve been selected as a finalist for the 2019 Calleen Art Award, alongside some excellent artists, with my painting “Last of the Birthday Bouquet”

The exhibition of finalists’ work will run from 4th May - 16th June at Cowra Regional Art Gallery. For more details, please visit their website here.

”The Calleen Art Award was established as an acquisitive art prize in 1977 by arts patron Mrs Patricia Fagan OAM, with the winning work joining the Calleen Collection, the foundation collection of the Cowra Regional Art Gallery.

The Calleen Art Award is a major Gallery event and a favourite annual exhibition with the Cowra district audiences and visitors to the region. This visitor recognition and its ongoing development as a nationally significant and prestigious art award for painting has also benefited from the support by the Calleen Trust, providing prize money of $20,000 in 2019.”

Last of the Birthday Bouquet - Lucy Roleff

Last of the Birthday Bouquet - Lucy Roleff

Muswellbrook Art Prize - People's Choice Award Winner

It was very exciting to find out I’d been selected as a finalist for the Muswellbrook Art Prize, and then to win the People’s Choice Award! What an honour to be in amongst some great artists I’ve long admired, with my painting “Silver Dollars”

OPENING: 6pm, Saturday 9 March 2019
EXHIBITION: 10 March to 5 May 2019

Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre
Corner Bridge and William Streets, Muswellbrook NSW

”Since 1985, the Muswellbrook Art Prize has grown and evolved and is today one of the richest prizes for painting in regional Australia. Finalists for the 46th Muswellbrook Art Prize in 2019 vie for a total of $71,000 prize money across four prize categories: Painting ($50,000 acquisitive), Works on Paper ($10,000 acquisitive), Ceramics ($10,000 acquisitive) and People’s Choice ($1,000 non-acquisitive).

Astute adjudication of the Muswellbrook Art Prize over the years has yielded an excellent collection of modern and contemporary Australian paintings, works on paper and ceramics from the Post War period of the 20th Century and into the 21st Century, with the winning acquisitive works forming the nucleus of what is now known as the Muswellbrook Shire Art Collection. Previous winners of the Muswellbrook Art Prize include such key figures as David Aspden, Sydney Ball, Richard Larter and Fred Williams. The Upper Hunter Region is also well represented with a number of local artists being successful in winning the Prize including Peter Atkins, Dale Frank, Lyn Nash and Hanna Kay.”


Silver Dollars - Lucy Roleff

Studio Sale!

On Friday I decided to have a (very impromptu) studio sale of drawings and paintings. I didn’t actually realise it was Black Friday (THE patron day of sales, apparently) so it was somewhat well timed. It has been quite cathartic to release older work into the world, especially one of the very first ‘good’ oil paintings I made where I felt something click - but I like to recall a Michael Borremans quote about it being important to sell the work you like the best and want to hold on to. The paintings from my show “Still” all felt a bit emotional to let go of, but it makes me happy to know that they will have happy homes. Anyway, there are still some bits and pieces available over on my instagram, including a few oil on linen panel studies, and a drawing or two.


Still (and the year that was)



So i’ve never really kept a blog before, and doubt i’ll start in any serious way now, but I like the idea of having a little space outside the conventional “social” apps to update with news, shows, exhibitions and also other bits and pieces that delve a little deeper than I might elsewhere on the internet. Who knows! Let’s see.

It seems a strange time to post in “news” since my surprisingly busy year is drawing to a close, and as I attempt to relax and regenerate before the new year begins. My right hand hurts with what is probably the beginnings of RSI, but as I write this I am soothed by the sound of late spring rain on the roof, and the aniseed smell of deep heat which I’ve rubbed vigorously into my palm and wrist.

Since I haven’t got any ‘news’ just yet, I guess I can recap on the last few months which have been hectic but really rewarding. I did my first solo residency, accompanied by my lovely ensemble, at Longplay in North Fitzroy. It was a big challenge for a few reasons, but I was so humbled by the response, and all the old and new faces that came along. I also had an exhibition with one of my favourite Melbourne artists, Luci Everett. I showed ten paintings which I spent the last six months making in my studio, and am really pleased that most of them have gone to new homes!

I didn’t feel like I was that busy but after everyone kept insisting I was, and then feeling myself crashing spectacularly once my final gig on Friday was over, I realised that it probably was the case. But it’s nice to be busy with something that is self-initiated isn’t it? I feel happy I did those two things because both seemed pretty daunting to begin with. For some reason that Eleanor Roosevelt quote has been following me, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Wise words, E.R.

Anyway, that’s quite enough for a first post! Above is the flier that Luci made for our exhibition -just for a bit of colour, really! I’ll hopefully be back soon with some music or art news as it comes.

L x