Works by Lucy Roleff and Luci Everett

27th October - 11th November 2018

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Artists Lucy Roleff and Luci Everett explore and respond to the traditional art form of still life in their joint exhibition, Still. Through the bringing together of their separate practices and approaches, Lucy and Luci highlight the contrasts in their work while representing very similar subject matter; celebrating both the intuitive and the considered, abstraction and realism, light and dark.

Lucy Roleff - Lucy's work explores notions of beauty and purpose, depicting every day items and elements of the natural world, whilst gently questioning our desire to claim and revere such objects. Through the traditional medium of oil paint, her pieces reference still life compositions of bygone eras, with touches of the contemporary, inviting conversation around the hierarchy of inanimate objects, as well as reflection upon domestic quietude, solitude and use of space.

Luci Everett - Luci explores mixed media works in still life, applying these techniques to her botanical subjects. The playful works are heavily colour-focused, gestural, and spontaneous in their mark-making and mix of media. They explore a spectrum of figurative to abstract - pulling apart and simplifying elements of colour, form and texture. They elicit a lightness, and like a still life scene itself, create small, warm vignettes of beauty.